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Stop leaks, save money

Our seamless spray-foam roofing systems will stop the leaks, and help reduce energy costs.


Seamlessly reduce your footprint.

We’re large proponents of a clean earth. Our roofing systems enable us to properly restore roofs, reducing landfill space, and saving you money.

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Energy Shield's Commitment to Quality

40 years of commercial roofing & spray foam innovation

At Energy Shield, Inc. we’re dedicated to providing you the highest quality commercial roofing and spray foam insulation systems. Since 1978 Energy Shield has been an industry leader and innovator in the application of spray foam roofing, fluid applied roof coatings and spray foam insulation systems.

Commercial Roofing

For 40 years, we’ve been a leader in the commercial roofing industry. We install our seamless spray foam roofs on your new building, or we can restore your old roof without tearing it off.

Energy Savings

Our Spray foam and roof coating systems reduce greenhouse gasses and save you money through an energy efficiency unparalleled by any other commercial roofing system.

We noticed a reduction in our energy consumption. At our Ford Sheldon Road Plant, we realized a decrease in our energy bills from $876,000 annually - to about $412,000.

Max ForesterPlant Engineer, Ford Motor Company
Is your roof underperforming?

It doesn’t have to.

Environmental Goodness

Did you know that 5% of the world’s population makes 40% of the world’s waste? That’s an incredible number, and it should be reduced, so we’ll restore your roof, and you won’t need to use a landfill.

Commercial Roof Restoration

Since 1978, Energy Shield’s commercial roofing installations have withstood the test of time. Installing one could save you money; typically, they cost about half the price of conventional BUR systems and save an average of 40% in energy costs.

We can save you up to 50% on your energy bills

Find out the science behind your current roof, and why it’s so expensive.

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