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It's Environmentally Responsible.

Yeah, it’s environmentally responsible to use Energy Shield Insulation. It reduces electricity consumption by 37 billion kilowatt hours. It reduces fuel oil consumption by 12%, and propane use by 10%. It also leaves less of a mess, and less waste filling the landfills. Energy Shield Insulation is the responsible way to go.

Did you know that 9 out of 10 homes are under-insulated? Don’t be one of the 9, get your home energy efficient, and save some money, call now.

It's Air Tight & Keeps Costs Low

Air loss occurs from air leaking through gaps, seams, and cracks in walls, windows, doors, and ceilings. When cold air enters through these small openings, an equal amount of conditioned air is forced out. This causes your HVAC system to work harder, making your bills more expensive. Energy Shield Insulation will fill those gaps, creating a seamless air barrier. Keeping your conditioned air, where it belongs, inside.

Huge Cost & Energy Savings.

The Closed-Cell Spray Foam we use fills the crevices, cracks, and seams. The spray foam then creates an air barrier, a moisture barrier, and with the R-Value, it’s density means that it will stop air, heat, and water from getting in. You can easily realize a $300 to $800 difference in your energy costs a month, that’s a new car, TV, or retirement savings of $3,600 to $9,600 a year.

It's Worry Free

Yes, it’s worry free – you can rest assured, that your substructure won’t rot, crack, or leak, at least from the walls, it won’t. It will keep maintenance needs low, and won’t need to be repaired or replaced during the lifetime of the home.

You Can Insulate Your Entire Home.

Yep, you sure can. Our closed-cell foam can be used in the attic and crawlspaces, and our 10lb foam can be used on the walls. What’s this mean? You’re surrounded by a material that will keep the weather, water, air, and even the bugs out.

It Has a Higher R-Value

The R-Value measures how much heat the insulation will let flow through it. Depending on the thickness of your wall structure, and the foam density, our R-Values are between R6 R6.5 per inch. While standard Fiberglass Batts and Blankets have an R-Value of 3.0 to 4.0 per inch.